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"Good place to raise a family."

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Austin, AR

Cabot, AR - 11/12/2010

Very nice rural city.

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Cabot, AR

Housing - 10/6/2009

You can get a beautiful home at unbelievable prices.

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Cabot, AR

Cabot - 12/4/2008

Cabot is a nice suburb of Little Rock, most noted for being located just outside the Pulaski County line, in Lonoke County. Most of Cabot's growth has been from citizens formerly living in Little Rock, or people just locating to central Arkansas, looking for a nice place to raise a family. On the outside it seems like a fairly good decision and a nice place to live. We are doing a lot to make improvements with the election of a new mayor, who is putting a larger focus on organized traffic flow... which leaves a lot to be desired presently... but steady progress is being made. The school systems are noted for being fairly good, but they have grown so fast, the district has had a difficult time managing the growth. The student to teacher ratio is one of the worst in the state, so teachers do not have the time to provide much one-on-one attention to those who might need it. There is a larger focus on teaching kids self-responsibility, than there is on teacher accountability. We would like to see more ownership by the administration and staff on the actual success of the students. A large part of this could be due to the lack of adequate funding to support such a focus, but some of it can be attributed to the general training and leadership of the districts administration and budget. On average Cabot students receive approximately $3,900 per student compared to the national average of over $6,000 per student. It's a pretty place to live and fairly close to central arkansas shopping, a nice corps of engineers lake 40 minutes to the north, with several nice communities to choose from. Restaurants are starting to show up, so that issues seems to be resolving itself. Our two opportunites for improvement, although we have seen some pickup lately, are the schools and the traffic. Other than that, its a beautiful place to live. :-)

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Cabot, AR

Good place to raise a family. - 5/4/2006

Cabot is a good place to raise a family. It has good schools. The city is growing and can be seen as a bit expensive on utility prices compared to other cities around it. It is a easy commute into Little Rock/North Little Rock. It only takes about 20-30 minutes depending on traffic. It is also close to the Little Rock Air Force Base which is located in the neighboring town of Jacksonville, AR.

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